History of Central Huron Ambulance

Central Huron Ambulance Service was started in 1965 by Larry Ringvelski, and was known as Huron Ambulance. At that time, Larry had 1 ambulance and 8 crew members, and he operated the ambulance out of his home. During Larry’s ownership, the service expanded to incorporate 3 ambulances, and Bad Axe city hall provided storage for 2 of the vehicles. The third ambulance remained at Larry’s residence and was used for out of area transfers. In approximately 1978, Larry sold the service to Doug Hordos and Robert Krieg and it began to be managed by Muriel Hordos. Muriel continued to manage the service until it was bought by the townships in 1985. In this transition in ownership, the name of the service changed from Huron Ambulance to Central Huron Ambulance. In 1988, Central Huron Ambulance Service relocated from the city hall to its current location on Soper Road. In 1992, Central Huron began the transition phase from Basic Life Support to Advanced Life Support. The service officially became an advanced life support agency in 1995. Central Huron Ambulance Service merged with Thumb Ambulance in Port Austin in 1996, and Port Austin became Central Huron North. Shortly after this merge, Central Huron North relocated from the Port Austin Fire hall to its own hall on Arthur Street. The ambulance hall in Bad Axe underwent expansion in 2006, at which time an additional ambulance bay was added. Two offices and a conference/classroom were also added during this expansion. In 2015, Central Huron Ambulance Service purchased a house on Grindstone Road in Port Austin to provide living quarters for the on-call crew. In 2016, an expansion to the house was done, which involved constructing a new garage to hold the emergency vehicles, and is now considered station two of Central Huron Ambulance Service.

A special thank you to Sharon Rogers and Lowell & Beth McDonald for their help with the history and photos. Note: The information provided on the history of Central Huron Ambulance Service was obtained from past and current employees, and is accurate to the best of recollection.