Services Provided

911 Emergencies

It is the main purpose of Central Huron Ambulance Service to provide emergency services to our community by responding to local calls received by the 911 dispatch center.

Paramedic Intercepts

Central Huron Ambulance Service has the ability to provide advanced life support services to all other EMS agencies within Huron County. This is dictated per protocol, location, time on scene, transport time, and patient condition. This is also utilized at the discretion of the Basic Life Support service and personnel involved. Intercepts involves one of our ALS (Advanced Life Support) units, which includes a paramedic and advanced life support equipment, meeting up with a Basic Life Support service from another department. When the interception between the two agencies occurs, the paramedic takes the advanced equipment and boards the Basic Life Support ambulance,and provides advanced level care for the remainder of transport to the hospital. Some advantages of advanced care include: EKG monitoring with 12-lead recognition of Myocardial Infarction (heart attack), Intravenous fluids and medications, and advanced airway management.

Inter-facility Transfers – Basic Life Support, Advanced Life Support, Critical Care, and PALS (Pediatric Advanced Life Support)

Central Huron Ambulance Service provides inter-facility transfers for all three hospitals in Huron County. This involves transporting patients from one of the hospitals in Huron County, to a larger facility in another area. Most common transports include: Bay City, Saginaw, Port Huron, Flint, Detroit, Lansing, and Ann Arbor. However, we do transport patients anywhere in the state of Michigan, and occasionally to other states. Transfers can also be arranged to transport patients from an out-of-area hospital to Huron County. All transfers must either begin, or end, in Huron County, and are subject to state protocols.  

General Patient Transports

In some instances, Central Huron Ambulance Service can transport patients from their residence to a doctor’s appointment, dialysis, or hospice/respite care. Transport can also be arranged from a residence to a nursing home, or from a nursing home to a residence. These types of transports should be pre-arranged and are subject to pre-approval of insurance, as well as, availability of personnel and ambulances. Please contact us with questions or to make arrangements.   

Event Stand-by

Arrangements can be made for Central Huron Ambulance Service to provide ambulance coverage at events occurring in Huron County. These include, but not limited to: motor cross, demolition derbies, jet-ski races, sporting events/tournaments, and marathons. Event coverage is subject to availability of the ambulance and personnel. Please contact us for further details, cost, and to make arrangements.